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Why Do I Need a Prescription?

It’s hard to envision a pharmacy without a prescription-only store, one where all the medications are there to ask, and all you need to do to buy a pill or a medication in the pharmacy is to ask for it. Prescriptions are a part of life for millions of people that involves scheduling daily appointments to the doctor, waiting in line at the pharmacy, and trying to comply with sometimes stringent restrictions on refills. However, this new scheme is just Sixty years old, and there was no such thing as a prescription drug until 1952.

Prescription drugs you get from your doctor and pharmacy are always safe. They are indeed allowed to administer and distribute prescription medications. They’re just going to instruct you how to take the medicine. Health insurers also provide drugs distributed by legal pharmacies. These are usually meant to treat severe or minor medical conditions. This may include diabetes or cancer. Prescription drugs also appear to be safer than OTC medicines. Any drugs are only licensed with a prescription for safety. That way, you ought to speak to your doctor about the application of the drug.

Your doctor and pharmacy are your point of touch for medical advice. Your family doctor knows which drugs are better tailored to your condition. They’re even going to monitor you for side-effects. The pharmacist will verify if the prescription drugs are appropriate for you to take and whether they will have the right response. They will also instruct you on how to use the drug and inform you what other consequences they might have.

To maintain your prescription routine means taking the medication as prescribed by the doctor, with the same dosage, at the correct time in the right way and at the same frequency. Why is it important to do these things? Simply, not taking your medication as recommended by a doctor or advised by a pharmacist may lead to a deterioration of your condition, hospitalization and even death.

It is that certain drugs are not safe to use without an experienced clinician to make the right decision of treatment for the condition to be treated. For instance, if a patient tries to take a drug for rheumatoid arthritis because they have osteoarthritis; most of all the medication may not be effective and may have unwanted side effects.

In another case, pain medications; people tend to be abusive or dependent on these medications and could possibly lead them to death from overdose. This use of antibiotics for viral infections, since these uneducated people mistakenly believe that it will shorten the length of their cough, flu or whatever will cause a lot of antibiotic resistance, especially rampant in those countries.

People always remember not to self-prescribe antibiotics, it would be ineffective for them, there would be a right usage or dosage to take, that’s why it is important to have checked yourself up to your doctor for this serious matter.

With numerous different medicines on the marketplace, it would be impossible for a lay person to make a good decision as to which treatment would be more suitable for them. That’s why we’ve had the doctors. Medications which are completely effective and intended to treat basic illnesses are over-the-counter and do not require a prescription.